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Education is not only a means of teacher student interaction- it is a building of personality of a young bud that needs nourishing and nurturing. It is the unfolding of the soul of the child that remains neglected till the right teacher arrives to first recognize and then mould it. While book learning aids, but the real learning comes from the environment and the elders. In our society, the ones who will mould the society in future – the girl child -is also neglected – further jeopardizing the development of children. Apart from sheer neglect, girl child is being subjected to tremendous stress.

It was this recognition that led GAURS group of companies to set up GAURS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Noida to nurture students from Pre Nursery to X in the fourth year for the Session 2018-2019. With pursuit of excellence in education as the determinant the school is committed to uphold the ideals the GAURS group, while paying special attention to Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao.

Recognizing that an s aesthetically planned air conditioned classroom, and other state-of-the-art facilities are imperative to the all round development, students are provided with air-conditioned buses, well equipped Computer labs. However, critically, these are complemented by low student-teacher ratio with a view to draw out the inherent talents of each student and nurture and nourish them to see them bloom. Extracurricular activities are encouraged through elaborately planned facilities and infrastructure in the form of Art/Dance/Music Room.

Physical development being of essence in the growing years, the school provides out-standing facilities in the field of sports as well like shooting range facility, and above all, National Level coaches for training our students in various sports in order to ensure holistic development of personality.

The GAURS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL program imparts integral education in order to equip our children with the right balance, knowledge and social skills, emotional development, physical coordination and aesthetic appreciation. Rather than an exclusive emphasis on imbibing information, the child's ability to enquire is respected. The well prepared program emphasizes harmonious progress by building a solid foundation for future learning.